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About Us

Village Discount Outlet, Inc., was incorporated in the State of Ohio on October 10, 1980. We operate 4 discount stores in the State of Ohio and the average store size is over 20,000 square feet. Our primary product is USED MERCHANDISE which includes clothing, shoes, linens and appliances, as well as jewelry, pet products, books and other miscellaneous products.

Village Discount Outlet purchases from multiple organization such as Amvets of Ohio, National Juvenile Diabetes and other charities. We hire Veterans and we are also an environmentally friendly business.

Disclaimer: Since we receive a high volume of merchandise, we cannot evaluate the safety and recall issues relating to each piece of merchandise. All items are sold as is. We encourage our customers to carefully check each item at the store before purchase and check the following product safety sites before using any merchandise purchased from our stores, especially children’s items:;

We try our very best to Authenticate our merchandise. Due to some very excellent replicas in the marketplace, we cannot guarantee all items are authentic.

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